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Since 1989, Indexing Partners has been meeting the information needs of publishers, authors, and organizations. In 2015, we met 356 deadlines for fifty different authors, packagers, and publishers.

Indexing Partners LLC is operated by Enid L. Zafran. Enid graduated from Mount Holyoke College, and has a J.D. from Cleveland Marshall College of Law, a Masters of Library Science from the University of Kentucky, and a LL.M. in Labor Law from Georgetown Law Center. She worked in legal publishing for over twenty-five years, starting at Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, where she held the positions of Vice President/Editorial and Vice President/New Product Development. Subsequently, she worked at Prentice Hall Information Service as Editorial Director of Non-Tax Services, and from January 1990-January 2002, she was the Director of Indexing Services at The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA), Washington, DC.

In 2010, Enid’s contribution to the indexing profession was recognized as she received the Hines Award from the American Society for Indexing (ASI). She is a past president of ASI, and served on its national board for over 6 years. She has directed its publications program and is responsible for recruiting authors and editors for all of the books published in conjunction with ITI.

Also in 2010, Enid became an ICI-certified Indexer under the standards of the Institute of Certified Indexers (ICI). For more information on ICI, see

Enid has given presentations to various librarian, publishing, and information groups in the U.S. and Canada. In 2009, she was co-editor of the popular book, Starting an Indexing Business, and a list of her publications on indexing appears below. Enid offers various workshops, including an Indexing Boot Camp which consists of three intensive days of one-on-one training aimed at newer indexers and tailored to their needs.

Indexing Partners has an excellent reputation for meeting deadlines as well as maintaining high quality standards. The indexers use PC software called CINDEX, specially designed for indexing, which outputs files in WordTM, RTF, ASCII, or any other word-processing format and tagging scheme, such as HTML, XML, or SGML, desired by publishers. Indexing Partners also has the ability to produce Postscript files and camera-ready copy.

For those interested in building taxonomies to use on websites, Indexing Partners has the experience to consult or develop the vocabulary for specialized areas of law, business, social sciences, and art. We have also produced other electronic finding aids such as “Policy Trackers” to link topics to a series of articles created by a customer on U.S. congressional actions. Let us help you construct new ways of structuring and connecting your data to give your electronic materials the easiest interface for usability and retrievability.

The other professional indexers who work with Enid have advanced degrees in library science, law, business, psychology, and science to enable them to create meaningful indexes and abstracts for technical and complex subjects. Enid has personally trained these indexers and abstractors. All work is thoroughly proofread and spellchecked; for indexes, all cross-references are validated, and other specially designed automated checks are used for style consistency and accuracy.

Samples of work and references are available upon request.